Lemon peels

Lemon has a double essence: a straw yellow pulp and a juice rich in vitamin C inside; on the outside a medium-thick peel, very fragrant and rich in essential oils

Peel is the key ingredient to produce the limoncello, the delicious digestif famous around the world.

The Galano Farm provides its customers with fresh or frozen peels, IGP or traditional, according to the needs, with local daily delivery; the Farm also offers peeling and peels storage services in special rooms.

Orange and Lemon Juice

The orange and lemon juice is valuable as well. Featuring a sharp and refreshing taste, the juice is very popular both in pastry making, catering and in coffee bars; widely used to prepare typical products such as the “granita” and the “delizia”: delicacies to taste which are a must for both tourists and locals.

Customers of the Galano Farm can buy fresh or frozen juice on a daily service.

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